Gio di Gia's creations born from the meeting of both traditional and innovative materials, both precious and common.
Materials that give life to very trendy jewels tendency, capable of transmitting the sense of tradition like ceramics, knownsince prehistoric times, one of the most ancient materials that, due to its flexibility and malleability, allows to create any shape.

"Argentum" known since ancient times... "shining, white" used for millennia as an ornament, considered one of the seven treasures, full of many symbolic values, often associated with the moon and with lunar and feminine deities, besides symbolizing virtue.
Normally when you think of a jewel you think of gold, silver, coral, precious stones... you would never think of making bracelets and necklaces made by a material that is normally used to wrap or to read!

The papier-mâché, a poor and simple but charmful material, belongs to the tradition of ancient times. In Basilicata region thepapier-mache tradition is ancient and linked to religious cults and Carnival. Often there are triumphant chariots made of papier-mâché in patronal festivals: the highest expression is the triumphal chariot during the Madonna della Bruna Fest in Matera. We have decided to combine the knowledge of design, materials, our experience as architects with traditions and the recovery and enhancement of ancient crafts! Men and women have always built jewelry and embellished the body, using materials that are easy to find: stones, bark, leaves, flowers, berries and in more recent times metals. So, why not think about the paper and turn it into a lasting jewel that doesn’t break and that the water doesn’t ruin? Bracelets and necklaces made with newspaper and bags, available everywhere, water and glue and vegetables for coloring. Our are hands that draw, that get dirty, that shape, that shape... that create! We do not dictate the timing of implementation, the paper dictate the timing! We define our jewels a creative recycling, characterized by having a minimal environmental impact and for the alternative design. We are inspired by tribal, ancestral jewelry... they look like stone, they evoke our mountains and the colors of our region, Basilicata.
Each jewel is a unique piece, the result of a long and accurate manual work done manually.
They are very light with many decorative declinations obtained from plants, which for centuries have been the raw material in the field of dyeing, that which derived from vegetables, the coloring pigments that were used to color the fabrics and objects of daily life. In Basilicata we still have many "dyeing" plants, often they are under our eyes but, in most cases, their coloring properties are ignored; they are modest plants, not very attractive... but with a fantastic coloring power! We also use dried herbs and flowers: broom, lentisk, mint, mallow, sage, rosemary, chamomile, even the rind and the pomegranate fruit: everything is dried and processed… We also draw from the world of spices: turmeric, ginger, paprika, cinnamon, saffron, curry, nutmeg, cloves.
Paraphrasing the Silk Road, our jewelery production "traces" the path of spices and ecological and natural colors!

The "crusco" pepper is a typical product of many areas of Basilicata, a sort of cultural and gastronomic identity, obtained from the cultivation of some local pepper ecotypes. The drying is carried out according to a natural method: for two or three days the freshly picked peppers are spread on nets, in dry and well ventilated rooms. Then the stalks are threaded with a string, thus obtaining "necklaces" called "sertes" that dry at the sun, hanging on the railings of the balconies until completely dried. The dried peppers are fried in extravirgin olive oil, thus obtaining a crunchy product... the "crusco" pepper! We have decided to create a line of papier-mâché jewel collection inspired by the famous “crusco" pepper, good to taste... nice to wear!!! In this case, unlike the previously described jewels, the colors are not vegetables, but enamels and water-based paints. The colors and the workmanship give to our creations unique and inimitable characteristics, making them all different. The jewels are completed with leather and PVC lanyards and plexiglass spacers, which with its transparency evokes the glass and helps to give lightness and a touch of modernity to Gio di Già creations. All papier-mâché creations are subject to available.


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