chi siamo gio giaAntonella and Giusi, architects, combining their names, their energies and their passions into one project: Gio di Già, a made in Italy brand. They study design, give life to their projects, play with the colors and at the end the idea is taking shape to be worn ....
Their creations are made of glazed ceramic, shaped by a skilled craftsman, subject to two baking, the first at 1030 degrees, the second to 790 degrees, glazed and decorated by hand. Finally assembled directly by Antonella and Giusi with leather lanyards, PVC tubes, plexiglass and 925 silver items.




Antonella Cutolo

Antonella Cutolo studied architecture in Naples where she graduated in 1991. She lives and performs her job in Potenza. She deals with restructuring of interiors, furniture, design.
“I always liked the substance, knowing and understanding the techniques of craftsmanship, studying the shapes and colours, the pure and minimalist design. Why ceramic  jewelry? For fun, a  challenge to myself! "

Giusi Villano

Giusi Villano studied architecture in Naples, where she graduated in 2001. She lives and works in Potenza, dealing  with both architecture and painting. She has successfully participated in numerous group exhibitions and attended the School of Graffiti Polystrate in Montemurro (Potenza).
"When I was  a child, I liked drawing, working the clay, using the colours. From this passion, was born the idea of creating ceramic jewelry, wearable sculptures that express my emotions and my colorful thoughts "

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